Mindful Parenting is a mindfulness-based training for parents who have (had) mental health problems that interfere with parenting, who suffer from parenting stress, or whose child or children have mental health problems. Mindful Parenting is a program of 9 sessions, in groups of 10-15 parents. There is a clinical program of 3 hours sessions, and a preventive program of 2-hours sessions. Mindful Parenting is found to have profound and long-lasting positive effects on parental and child psychopathology, parent- and child well-being, parenting stress, (co)parenting, and the parent-child relationship.
This 51⁄2 days advanced teacher training is meant for mental health professionals with a background in mindfulness training and meditation, who want to use Mindful Parenting with their clients. The training will be in English. Participants will receive training in both the clinical and preventive program. By means of meditation practices, in which participants place themselves in the role of parents, the typical Mindful Parenting exercises are experienced, and subsequently practiced in the role of the instructor. Video-examples will be shown. Although this is primarily a clinical training, some research elements will be included as well. The effects of Mindful Parenting for parents and their children, and ways to measure these effects, will be discussed.

Registration information

Prior to being formally accepted for the Mindful Parenting advanced teacher training, potential participants must email the following information to Aniek Okkerman (Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.): an updated CV, a letter of motivation that describes their background and goals of the current training (maximum 1 page), and past clinical and mindfulness training experience (maximum ½ page). Upon review of the application, participants will be informed that they have been accepted and will be allowed to register. It is recommended that participants do not make plans to come to the training prior to being formally accepted.

Registration requirements

This international training is designed for psychologists, social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists and health/mental health professionals working with child and/or adolescent clients and/or their parents. Participants are expected to have a formal practice in mindfulness, including having completed a course in MBSR or MBCT and participated in a 4-day (or longer) mindfulness retreat or have the intention to complete this soon after the training. The MBSR or MBCT course can be done in parallel with the workshop timing. Upon completion of the 5,5-day Mindful Parenting teacher training, MBSR or MBCT course, and 4-day retreat, participants will receive a certificate as a Mindful Parenting instructor.


Susan Bögels is a professor in Developmental Psychopathology at the University of Amsterdam, as well as a licensed clinical psychologist and cognitive behavior and child and family therapist. She is
the director of the academic center for the treatment of parents and children, UvA minds, in which evidence-based cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness interventions are offered to families, and co- director of Academic training center UvA minds you. She is a practicing mindfulness trainer, specialized in mindfulness for children and their parents in a mental health context. She is the author of the book Mindful Parenting: A Guide for Mental Health Practitioners (2013) together with Kathleen Restifo, and has published many articles in the field of mindfulness in families and youth psychopathology.

Eva Potharst is a child- and adolescent psychologist, infant mental health specialist and mindfulness trainer at UvA minds. After specializing in Mindful Parenting, she developed Mindful with your baby and Mindful with your toddler, mindful parenting training programs in which both mothers and their children are present. As a post-doc researcher, she investigates the effects of these and other Mindful Parenting programs.

Joke Hellemans is a licensed clinical psychologist/psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher, trained at the Center for Mindfulness of the University of Massachusetts Medical School (USA) founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Date and time

10th - 14th of December, 2018


UvA minds You
Address: Banstraat 29, 1071 JW Amsterdam
Number of participants: 12 - 20
Trainers: Prof. dr. Susan BögelsDr. Eva Potharst & drs. Joke Hellemans
Costs: €1250,- (pre registration 3 months before the training: €1000,-)