Mindful with your baby

'Mindful with your baby' is a mindful parenting training for mothers with a baby. This training is based on the 8-week Mindful Parenting training and on the Infant Mental Healt (IMH) vision, with the baby-observation as an important intervention. In Mindful with your baby, the equivalent of this intervention is the seeing meditation with attention for the baby. 
Besides the happiness that having a new baby brings for most people, it can also cause stress. Mothers have a higher chance of mental health problems after the birth of a baby. These mental health problems, but also problems related to pregnancy or birth, infant (regulation) problems, or problems in the family can increase stress for mother and baby and cause mother-baby interaction problems. The Mindful with your baby training is for mothers who experience stress in motherhood, and who would like to learn how to deal with this stress better, how to take better care of themselves, be more attentive with their baby, and improve the interaction with their baby. The training exist of 8 session of 2 hours, 6 of which for both mothers and babies  and 2 for only mothers, plus a follow-up session with both mothers and babies. The training is given in little groups of 4 to 6 mother-infant dyads, and is most often given by both a mindfulness trainer and a infant mental health specialist.

In this advanced teacher training, you will learn how to give the training 'Mindful with your baby'. The meditations and visualization exercises that the training comprises of will be practiced. Special attention will be given to the seeing meditation with attention for the baby and to giving meditations while there are babies present. Also, the capabilities of the co-trainer that you will need for this training are discussed. Although this is primarily a clinical training, some research elements will be included as well. The effects of Mindful with your baby will be discussed.

Registration information

Prior to being formally accepted for the Mindful with your baby training, potential participants must email the following information to Lana van Rijswijk (Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.): an updated CV, a letter of motivation that describes their background and goals of the current training (maximum 1 page), and past clinical and mindfulness training experience (maximum ½ page). Upon review of the application, participants will be informed that they have been accepted and will be allowed to register. It is recommended that participants do not make plans to come to the training prior to being formally accepted.

Registration requirements

This international training is designed for psychologists, social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists and health/mental health professionals working with child and/or adolescent clients and/or their parents. Participants are expected to have a formal practice in mindfulness. Participants must have followed a Mindful Parenting teacher training or a basic Mindfulness teacher training before they are accepted in the Mindful with your baby training.

Information about the trainers

Dr. Eva Potharst works as a health care psychologist, Infant Mental Health specialist, Mindful Parenting trainer and post-doc researcher at UvA minds, academic treatment center for parents and children, and UvA minds You, academic training center. Together with colleagues, she developed the training Mindful with your baby, and Mindful with your toddler.


Date and time

If you are interested in the teacher training, please contact Eva Potharst (epotharst@uvaminds.nl)